Case 1 - The general manager may work seven days a week...

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Daniel Paterson 905289915 ACIS 3314 10193 Between blockbuster trades, lucrative free agent signings, and lottery draft picks the life of a sports franchise weighs on the men or women pulling the strings. This person, known as the
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team’s general manager, is responsible for hiring/firing the coaching staff, negotiating player’s contracts, and acquiring playing personnel. Being a general manager for a sports franchise is my dream job because it would allow me to be surrounded by sports on a daily basis, incorporate my business knowledge into sports operations, as well as provide substantial financial compensation. Since I was a young child, sports have always been an integral part of my life. It would be difficult for me to find a dream job not involving sports. The general manager position of a sports team would allow me to combine my lifelong love of sports and the business knowledge that I have gained from my higher education. Also, the lifestyle of a general manager is something that also draws me to this occupation.
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Unformatted text preview: The general manager may work seven days a week going from contract negotiations, to working with scouts on determining potential future prospects, and planning team travel plans. This fast paced environment is one in which I feel I would thrive in. I feel I could be successful at the position of a sports franchise general manager because of the passion I have for the game. Finally, the position of general manager comes with quite the salary, usually above the half million dollar mark. Becoming a sports team’s general manager would fulfill a lifelong dream of mine. The ability to work with players, travel the country, and make an excellent salary are all attributes that make being a general manager my dream job. The ability to combine my love of sports with my vast interests in business operations is truly what makes this occupation so appealing. Hopefully one day I will be given the opportunity to pursue such a career....
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Case 1 - The general manager may work seven days a week...

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