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Ch 5 questions - Chapter 5 1. When referencing an external...

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Chapter 5 1. When referencing an external workbook in an excel formula use a. [] 2. Use the text category of functions to manipulate data to improve list structure or data quality of an imported list of data. 3. ___field _____ is a term that literally refers to the intersection of one column and one row in an excel list, but is more commonly used to refer to the set of values for attribute of the entity type 4. Each _column ____ of an Excel list represents the collection of values for one attribute of all the entities of the entity type 5. A collection of data values about a specific entity (such as a single customer) that is stored in a row of an Excel list is called a(n) ____record ____ 6. By ___freezing panes _____ the user can scroll to the right and down a list of data while the designated columns and rows remain in place to the left and top of the monitor screen 7. Use ___web query ____ to import real-time data into an Excel workbook 8. What are the three critical list management guidelines for Excel to automatically identify a list of data 1. Column headers formatted differently 2. No blank cells 3. Blank column and row around list 9. Data that is contained in a text file that can be easily moved from one spreadsheet or database file to another must be ____delimited_____ with a special character 10. ____data validation___ can be used to prevent the user from entering data that is inappropriate for the cell or cell range 11. ___format as text___ will ensure that leading zeros in id numbers are not dropped when
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Ch 5 questions - Chapter 5 1. When referencing an external...

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