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Ch5ClassNotes_Part2_sp10_v2-1 - C hapter 5"List M anagement...

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Chapter 5: "List Management" (Managing Data in Excel) Part 2 of 2 Chapter 5, Part 2 Skills Understand and apply the critical guidelines for list development that enable the automatic Excel list features to work correctly. Freeze panes to view column or row headers for all rows of list data. Apply data validation to new data entries of a list. Sort data rows by one column. Sort data rows by multiple columns. Create custom lists to support Data Validation, Sorting, and AutoFill features. Filter a list using the AutoFilter feature. Add subtotals to a list using the Subtotals command or the Subtotals function. Use database functions to find aggregate values that meet multiple criteria in a list/table of data. o Understand how to set up criteria for database functions using AND & OR logic. Chapter Vocabulary Excel "Freeze Panes" feature (monitor view only) data validation "custom" list (this was introduced in an earlier chapter) sort aggregating or grouping data aggregate calculations aggregate functions (there are many we have already covered, such as SUM, AVERAGE, SUMIF(S), COUNTIF(S), MIN, MAX, etc.) o COUNT, COUNTA, SUBTOTAL (introduced with Chapter 5 material) database functions (all are aggregate functions) o Arguments: database, field(column), criteria Chapter Demonstration 3: Practice Common Excel Features that Support Data Management 1
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1. Freeze Panes for Viewing a. Open the workbook Employees_ch5.xlsx that is posted on Blackboard. b. Select the cell where you wish to freeze all rows above it and all columns to its left. c. Select View Freeze Panes Freeze Panes from the Excel ribbon. d. To unfreeze, select the View Freeze Panes Unfreeze Panes from the ribbon. e. Note: Freezing Panes applies only to the electronic view of the worksheet. The feature does not apply to the printed worksheet. 2. Creating Custom Lists This topic was introduced earlier in the semester. This section will not be covered in class but is presented here as a review because it is used often in conjunction to many Excel features that support data management, such as Data Validation and Sorting. a. Suppose you frequently use a list of departments that need to be specified in some order other than alphabetical. You can create a custom list that allows you to sort and auto-fill the department names in any order you specify. Suppose the order you wish to list the departments is: Sales, Management, Finance, Accounting . b. Select Office Button Excel Options Popular (tab) Edit Custom Lists c. The NEW LIST option in the left box will be displayed. Type the list of departments into the box on the right, each one on a new line. d. Click the Add button to save the list.
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Ch5ClassNotes_Part2_sp10_v2-1 - C hapter 5"List M anagement...

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