Extra Credit - that their product is better than their...

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Daniel Paterson Marketing Application Exercise Keith Stone and Keystone Light Keystone Light, a subset of MillerCoors, has recently begun running television advertisements featuring a character known as Keith Stone. These various commercials portray Keith Stone as an average guy with an above average level of “smoothness”. The commercials show Keith interacting with various women and how “smooth” he is. One commercial in particular shows him rescuing a young woman who is stuck in a tree. MillerCoors is attempting to establish a point of difference between its brand, Keystone Light, and other low price low tastes beers. They are placing an emphasis on the superior taste of their beer in order to show
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Unformatted text preview: that their product is better than their competitors. Also MillerCoors is creating an identifiable sponsor through the use of the character Keith Stone. They are attempting to enhance their brand image and increase their brand equity. I feel that this marketing campaign MillerCoors is employing is very successful. They are appealing highly to a very exclusive market which is compromised of males either in college or recently graduated. This specific market places a high value on low priced beers with a decent taste. Also they are establishing an identifiable sponsor of their products which will help in increase their brand image and their overall exposure. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLStB-0K-jQ...
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Extra Credit - that their product is better than their...

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