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Project 1 EML 4500 Roy Due 10/30/09 Name: (Use Matlab. Show all steps.) Consider the following ODE. 2 2 0, 0 du d u a b au bu x d dx dx ′′ −= = Use a =1, b = 1, d=1 and u(0)=0 and u(d)=1. (a) Write a matlab program for the above problem using 4 finite elements of equal length. (b) Calculate unknown u(x) and its derivative u’(x). (c) Compare the finite element solution with the exact solution by plotting and identifying maximum and minimum percentage difference. (d) Increase the number of elements to 8 and 16 and compare the solution to the exact solution. A typed project report is due by 5pm on 10/30/2009.
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