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5.46 - 3K PROBLEM 5‘ 4L KNOWN A rc‘n‘sera'I-of‘...

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Unformatted text preview: 3K PROBLEM 5‘. 4L KNOWN: A rc‘n‘sera'I-of‘ Mahfi‘at‘fis o. re-Fru‘geraied space at a. specified hmpcmw'fi- Data {or opera-Hen at study s+..+e are prgvl‘ded, F'Nbi De‘hrwu'nt +he power input required. SCHEMATIQ i §IV§N DATA: svr'oonclings at 2°13 K (10°C) 6m. = [$000 («SS/k w‘vtk fl = 0.15%),ng ref-rcgu-adtd A spue at 233K (‘q°°C) ASSUM'PTIONS! (I) Thg sys-lom show'r'u‘win fke accompqnsina Jo'sure, under- 5oes a» re. fr-‘flgroh‘on cycle. (2) The dad-a are for Opera'h'on at we‘d); H'ad'c. (5) The re.{y.‘aera+cd space and 'er Surroundfhy': play 1kg wk: 4. +ke com and 140+ reservoirs, ”gunfire/7. ANALYSIS: The “ogfi'dgni- o+ Per-formant! 0+ G- ruler-Sikh, Nf'W‘ end-ion cycle. opera‘h‘nj be+ween "Servants at TH “2293K and Tc =233K is given by 51.5.9 Tc. : 7.33 [g = 3 g? fiHM‘- 7-H -'E— (293‘233 )K ' [a = (0.253(3.99)=o.97 S's-44- (A: Q“/chd~a \ch w: Cfic. _ (19,0005?) th [kw ‘ ,3 ‘ 0W7 ‘suoos lk‘S/s way; | c. :— S.\§ ‘QM/‘-——_——_—__._ 5.4? ...
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