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Chapter 13 Review 1. Cement is the bonding agent that is added with water to create concrete. 2. A mix of concrete is satisfactory when it is mixed with fresh cement; water and a clean well graded aggregate. 3. Fresh concrete should be hydrated for as long as possible, seven days minimum and longer is more preferable. In cold weather the fresh concrete must be protected from freezing. In hot weather the concrete needs to be protected from the heat meaning that it must be placed at night or even add ice to the mix. 4. If the concrete has too low of a slump then it has not enough water and will be hard to place. If the concrete slump is too high is likely to be weak and have a poor surface. Admixtures can be added to adjust the sump without adding water.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Steel reinforcing bars are placed in concrete to give the concrete strength in tension. 6. Reinforcing is when steel bars are placed in the concrete while it is wet and allowed to dry without touching them after. Prestressing is done with cables laid in the concrete and the stretched tight once the concrete dries. They are both useful and make the concrete stronger. 7. Pretensioning is used is used in precast concrete. This is used to squeeze the concrete to its full strength. Posttensioning is used mainly on the job site and is generally done on foundations and other site placed concrete....
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