Chapter 3 Summary PHY111

Chapter 3 Summary PHY111 - I did not really like all of the...

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There were several main points to chapter three. One main point was to gain an understanding of the difference between position, displacement, and distance traveled. The chapter also talked about the differences in average velocity, instantaneous velocity, and average speed. It also talked about average acceleration and instantaneous acceleration. The chapter also went into great detail on the graphical representations of all the above situations. I enjoyed learning about acceleration and velocity. I enjoy doing many sports including auto racing and it was nice to gain a better understanding of them all.
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Unformatted text preview: I did not really like all of the difference formulas that are involved with the process. I think it was difficult to understand but after it was explained better I had a better understanding. The tangent line was difficult for me to understand. I am learning this in calculus right now and I am also having a tough time in there but it is beginning to make more sense. I understood the displacement and position fairly well. It was simple to understand and did not take a lot of math in order to do. I am still having a tough time calculating the magnitude and direction of forces if they are at angles....
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