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1 PSY207A – PSYCHOLOGICAL STATISTICS Department of Psychology University at Buffalo, Fall 2010 BASIC INFORMATION Time & Place Instructor or TA UB E-mail Phone Office Hours & Place Lecture Tu/Th 12:30-1:150 Knox 20 Micah Geer, Ph.D. mgeer (preferred) 645-0200 Wednesdays 10:30-12:00 Park 246 A2 Lab Mon 10-10:50 NSC 210 Nathan Large large Thursdays 11-12:00 Park 216 A1 Lab Wed 2-2:50 Talbert 107 Casey Feeney caseyfee Wednesdays 1-2:00 Park 282 (Psych. Res. Center) A3 Lab Fri 11-11:50 Knox 109 Katelyn Thomas kthomas4 645-8650 Tuesdays 11-12:00 Park 305 A4 Lab Fri 12-12:50 Knox 20 Lindsey Streamer lindseys Tuesdays 10:30–11:30 Park 312 Kimberly Plyler kplyler Attend the lab for which you are registered. Likewise, for help, see the instructor for your lab. Appointments are not necessary during office ours. About e-mailing us: • You must use your address. This is to ensure that your personal information stays private. • Please sign your e-mail with your first and last name. This prevents confusion and saves time. • We might not respond if what you need is on this syllabus or posted on the website. Check the web first. • Plan ahead. We’re here to help, but last minute e-mails might not get a response that is fast enough. Required Text: Gravetter, F. J., & Wallnau, L. B. (2010). Essentials of Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, (7 th ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth. [Copies at the bookstore include a coupon for a “clicker” from Turning Technologies. We’ll be using the clickers during the lectures.] WEBSITE All information pertinent to the class—including the schedule, lecture notes, assignments, exam and quiz grades, TA contact information and office hours, etc.—is posted on the wesite. Check it frequently. It is your responsibility to know how to access the page to download any documents that you need. If you need help, contact CIT. Outlines of the lectures will be provided—as a courtesy—in advance of the relevant lecture. The outlines will not reproduce figures and mathematical text properly. You should come to class to fill in the details. The complete PowerPoint presentations will be posted after we have finished a given topic. (Please do
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