Cross-Examination - Start out with a simple question that...

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Cross-Examination Setting up rebuttals in cross-examination 1. Clarification should not be the entirety of cross-ex 2. Identify the link story in their case. Exploit the flaws in the link story 3. Establish the groundwork for your case. Try and find some common ground b/w 4. Establish persona in cross-examination. Make yourself seem perceptually dominant in the round 5. Make opp. Look like an ass. Highlight the sections that are weak in the opp’s case 6. Need to identify spikes. What arguments at the top link to your standard? Are there any arguments that operate outside the standard? Be willing to give an indication about your case position If the neg. is spreading, ask what is offense if you didn’t flow well. Don’t need to repeat concessions in next speech Clarify their position . So, before I have to answer x, I need to answer y and z. Exploit in-round abuse
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Unformatted text preview: Start out with a simple question that undermines the case Favor short questions as opposed to long, drawn out questions Think of short, smart answers to long winded questions Sever opp. From case if they don’t understand it. Force them to talk about case w/o case. Ask for the links in the case. Lead them to the garden path to hell. Ask about the terminal impact of their arguments Analogize their arguments to the real world. If debating dumb positions, don’t get in their face If both running confusing cases, need to be able to let go of rhetoric The Yes/no Person Don’t let ppl. Ask yes or no questions` The Yeller Don’t be afraid to tell person to “chill out” The cut off person...
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Cross-Examination - Start out with a simple question that...

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