DISTRICTS NEG - DISTRICTS NEG I negate My value is justice...

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DISTRICTS NEG I negate My value is justice defined as giving each their due. The value criterion for the round is preserving the democratic process for three reasons. First, as per the definition of justice, each person must have his or her due voice in the political arena . Second, the democratic process creates social stability because in a democratic system, citizens cohesively establish a framework of laws that will generally be followed since the laws have come from what the people want. Third, democracy prevents oppression from the government because democracy requires that the interest of the general public form the basis for all political decisions. If jury nullification is inconsistent with the principles of the legal system, it is not a just check on government. Moreover, by assigning each person one vote democracy presupposes that every citizen has equal worth. Arbitrarily advantaging certain individuals is fundamentally undemocratic because it implies that some people are exempt from the will of the populous. Democratically created law binds individuals for two reasons. First, it’s necessary to the function of the democratic order; if each person were to act on her personal desires when they conflict with the law, policies would be meaningless because they could be ignored on a whim. Second, since law is a reflection of the aggregate will of citizens, disregarding democratically created law is the same as denying a person’s capacity to act. My sole contention is that jury nullification is not consistent with the democratic process and
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DISTRICTS NEG - DISTRICTS NEG I negate My value is justice...

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