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Framework Lecture Definitions – extend definitions from arguments that would cross apply Interpretations – take out interpretations linguistically or theoretically and describe implication of take out on substantive level Value – some value doesn’t account for agent in resolution. Even if both values are imp. there are bad effects of prioritizing values over each other. For example, gov. legit over individuals. One value is provisionally important, whereas another one can be universally important. Criterion - don’t make “I meet” args. Criterion must link to valuable, desirable, and functionally useful Technical take outs – vagueness args. Correctly, consequential standards – no way to qualitatively differentiate. Look for qualifiers a) point out that those are loaded terms (minimizing “undue” harms).
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Unformatted text preview: There is no exp. For undue. Logical fallacies on criteria level – prereq fallacy. “all shit” fallacy – w/o x, all of y would cease to exist. There needs to be some sort of brink. “is ought” fallacy Place additional burdens on the criterion, so it is harder for them to meet. Hi-jack links to criterion and use them as burdens Look for things that fail to view “intent” e.g. self defense. No brink fallacy: x system is really good or rly bad. Contention: It can be weighed against that system. They must show a sufficient impact that stops system Explain framework arguments as if then statements...
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