Parker - a prioris bad

Parker - a prioris bad - 100 defense to the a prioris Opp...

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MULTI A PRORIS BAD A. Interpretation: Multiple a prioris are illegitimate B. Violation: Opp. Runs multiple a prioris C. Standards: Strat. Skew: I have to be able to answer all the a prioris before I can begin the debate. Even if I answer most of them, he/she can just win one to end the debate. And, a prioris decrease the turn ground available, so I can only win
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Unformatted text preview: 100% defense to the a prioris. Opp. Time Skew: I only have 4 minutes to beat back a 7 minute NC filled with a prioris D. Voters: Fairness is a voter since debate requires equitable access to the ballot....
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