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PARAMETRICS A. Interpretation: the neg must defend the resolution as a general statement rather than a specific scenario B. Violation: the negative only defends _______, a subset of the resolution. C. Standards a. Predictable division of ground. (Internal Link to the interpretation) If my opponent can pick a specific aspect of the resolution and advocate that we pursue a particular course of action pertaining to that aspect, there is no way to predict what it will be before the round. b. Textuality: The resolution doesn’t place any conditions on the terms in the resolution. This means that the only interpretation that retains textual primacy addresses the entirety of the resolution. Discussing specific plans of actions and forms of implementation effectively limits the debate by placing words in the resolution Textuality is more important than any other standard because the resolution is the only universal, static, predictable, fair thing about the debate. Since the affirmative isn’t retaining textuality
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