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Stock AC Extensions AC FRAMEWORK: Extend korsgaard, which says that the basis for moral value of objects is conditional on conferring that value. And, since no object is naturally valuable, we treat ppl. Since I win the meta-ethical basis for the standard, the only way to give significance you default to the standard of treating people as ends of themselves. This means we look to the means for an action and not the end result. 2) Extend Rarick. He says that sanctions violate peoples’ statuses as ends in themselves in that they are
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Unformatted text preview: intended to will harm to overthrow political leaders. Extend my standard of treating people as ends in themselves. ON CASE: Now, Go to Rarick and Duchatalet 1.They tell you that sanctions definitionally violate peoples statuses as ends in themselves in that they are intended to will harm This is sufficient to affirm, but even if you dont buy it , you can look to the Gjetlin evidence, which suggests that US intentionally sanctioned Iraq in the hopes of violating their statuses ends in themselves...
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