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Theory Shells - 4 Artificially inflates the status quo –...

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3. Theory Shells Conditionality Bad Conditionality is Bad – Vote Aff: 1. Creates a moving target – the negative can change their advocacy every speech making it impossible for the affirmative to make coherent arguments – this kills education and debateability, because it is impossible to have an in-depth debate discussion if they continously switch their advocacy 2. Decreases critical thinking and argumentative responsibility, since it allows the negative to drop their plan under any condition 3. Strategy – the 2AC is forced to defend against multiple worlds – the ability to kick out of the counterplan at any point during the round kills our ability to make strategic choices – this destroys debateability, because there is no way to tie the neg to their CP
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Artificially inflates the status quo – It deters us from reading add-ons and turns that the counterplan solves, which turns the search for the best policy option and education 5. Not reciprocal - We can’t change our advocacy – proving that their rules are unpredictable 6. Infinitely regressive – the Neg could run multiple conditional advocacies without worrying about contradiction 7. This is a voter for fairness and competitive equity 8. Dispo solves all of their offense, by allowing the Aff to have some control over what the Neg goes for in the 2NR Necessary but insufficient burden Interpretation: the affirmative must defend an...
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  • Spring '10
  • Trelawney
  • coherent, best policy option, multiple conditional advocacies, Dispo, Decreases critical thinking, in-depth debate discussion

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