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Tech Nc JN - Tech NC I negate. My value is governmental...

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Tech NC I negate. My value is governmental legitimacy, because the resolution asks about checks to ensure the justness of the US government. Because the United States is democratic, the legitimacy of the government requires that democratic ideals are upheld in trials by jury. There are two conditions that juries must fulfill in order to demonstrate that democratic ideals are upheld: A. Members of the jury must be qualified to judge the defendant, because democracy attempts to give each his or her due, and unqualified individuals are more likely to pass an erroneous judgment. B. The jury must constitute an accurate cross-section of the population, or else it fails to reflect democracy’s central goal, rule by the people. An inaccurate cross section fails to respect the population’s views. If one of the above conditions is not met, jury nullification contradicts the legitimacy of our democratic government, so you negate. I contend that jury nullification gives undue power to juries, which contradict the ideals of democracy. First, jury nullification involves more than mere factual judgment. The more complex judgment of whether to apply the law or not empirically appeals to emotion,. Irwin Horowitz 1 writes: An experimental test of Judge Leventhal’s “anarchy” hypothesis has shown that when explicit nullification instructions are presented, juries will more likely operate on their “sentiments” than will juries not in receipt of such instructions (Horowitz. 1985).
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Tech Nc JN - Tech NC I negate. My value is governmental...

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