Harm-Reduction Bad

Harm-Reduction Bad - Needle exchange programs empirically...

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Needle exchange programs empirically fail. Even more disturbing is a recent Vancouver study show ing s ignificant increases in HIV among intravenous drug users despite Vancouver having the largest needle exchange program in North America. HIV prevalence among intravenous drug users has risen from 1-2% in 1988 to a current rate of 23% (Strathdee, 1997) . In a Montreal study, intravenous drug users participating in the needle exchange program were twice as likely to become infected with HIV as those who did not participate (Bruneau J et al, 1995). Drug users who have contracted HCV face a life-altering double stigma. Janetta Astone-Twerell, PhD,Shiela M. Strauss writes , PhD,Corrine Munoz-Plaza, MPH, “Stigma 2 : Hepatitis C and Drug Abuse”   (C) 2006. Hepatitis C Support Project http://www.hcvadvocate.org/hcsp/articles/Stigma.html The implicit connection between HCV infection and drug use causes HCV-positive people to often be viewed as having made poor choices: that is, they are seen as having “chosen” to engage in illicit and dangerous behaviors that resulted in their contracting a serious illness. Subsumed under the label of “drug user,” these individuals are deemed immoral and tainted. Notably, this debilitating stigma impacts HCV infected people regardless of how they actually contracted the virus , whether through contaminated blood products, the reuse of unsterilized equipment, accidental needle prick, through sex, or through the use of injection drugs during a season of life that has long since past. What’s more, people
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Harm-Reduction Bad - Needle exchange programs empirically...

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