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Punishment NC - Punishment NC Punishment NC I negate Drug...

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Punishment NC Punishment NC I negate Drug abuse 1 is defined as the when repeated use of alcohol or other drugs lead[ing] s to problems but does not include compulsive use or addiction, and stopping the drug does not lead to significant withdrawal symptoms the term substance abuse applies . The topic questions drug use, not means of acquisition thus arguments about drug trafficking are nontopical. Ought 2 is used to express duty or moral obligation, thus the value is morality. The standard is enacting proper punishment. Punishment attempts to deter future crime. If an act of punishment shows that there are consequences related to taking the action, it shows that the action ought not be taken. Further, punishment is necessary as without it we reduce moral evil to a natural evil which invalidates moral judgment. Lars Svendsen 3 writes One of the best-known fictional serial killers, Hannibal Lecter, refuses, in just these terms, to let himself be imprisoned in a flaw outside of himself. He insists upon his own evil, because it forms an essential part of his dignity: “Nothing happened to me […]./ happened. You can’t reduce me to a set of influences . We have a tendency to redefine evil in such a way that social evil is seen as a “social problem” and individual evil becomes a “personality disturbance.” We look for the causes of evil and these causes are often located outside the discussion of morality. They can be either natural or social, and [they] can range from natural inclination and illness to poverty and traumatic childhood experiences. However, if you attribute all human evil to such causes— causes located outside the individual understood as a moral subject
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Punishment NC - Punishment NC Punishment NC I negate Drug...

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