T-Parametricizationo - A Interpretation The affirmative cannot parametricize B Violation The affirmative parametricizes drug C Standards a Ground

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A. Interpretation: The affirmative cannot parametricize. B. Violation: The affirmative parametricizes drug ___________ C. Standards a. Ground- Parametricizing destroys fair ground b/c it forces the negative to prepare answers to every single specific drug while the affirmative can simply pick one drug and spend all of his time researching that one drug. Ground is key to fairness b/c without it one debater has an unfair chance of winning b/c they have more ground based on their specific advocacy. b. Reciprocity- The affirmative links out of all the possible harms of other public health approaches common in the topic literature, which puts an unequal burden on the neg to research every possible drug advocacy. Reciprocity is key to fairness b/c it’s the only way to maintain equitable burdens. Also, if they ignore all of my arguments, they can still win a minimal impact, which skews time and nullifies all neg strategy.
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