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Axia College Material Allyson Bridgman Appendix C The Four Functions of Management Description of Event Previously I was the Sales and Advertising Manager for Brad’s Electronics, a division of DirecTV and HughesNet internet. . In the table below, categorize your actions during the event under each of the four functions of management. Planning Organizing On a weekly basis I sat down and planned out the weekly sales goal, based on the prior week, month and year to date sales. I used the High Efficiency/High Effectiveness process in my planning. While I was planning our sales goal, I also organized the strategy that seemed to work best for our inside sales people and outside sales reps. I would organize the outside sales peoples territory they would work weekly. Leading Controlling I lead my sales team in a weekly
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Unformatted text preview: meeting, and reminded them what goals we were expecting and how we expected them to meet the numbers that had been decided. I trained all new sales people, and continual training for all sales team. Motivation was my main concern, and I went to all extents to keep my team motivated. My team was also cross trained to not only sell, but to also work in scheduling , and inventory if needed. While evaluating the companies sells and ensuring these numbers were met and finding new ways to meet them, I also evaluated all the employees of Brad’s Electronics. I monitored their work ethics, and how efficient and how effective they were. This was to ensure Brad’s costs did not outweigh the profits if there were employees not pulling their weight. BUS 210...
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