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HIS/135wk5: Nixon’s Politics During the Nixon administration, President Nixon tried a different method in handling the Cold War. He searched out more peaceful solution to the growing problems that was cost Americans many love one and the growing opposition to the government. He wanted to end the Vietnam War with Vietnamization in which he would drive the Vietnamese to negotiate peace on America term after withdraw American soldiers and slow leaving the fight to the South Vietnamese and patch up the relations
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Unformatted text preview: with France. This did not completely work the way Nixon intended so he sought out ways to honorably end the wars in Vietnam, ease tension in the Cold War, and gain a relationship with the Chinese government. Smart by experience Nixon saw that old politics was not helping America in their fight against Russia or Vietnam so attempting a different approach or new politics, which we know today, shows that Nixon believe in “keep your friend close and your enemies closers”....
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