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HIS/135: Kennedy’s New Frontier When John F. Kennedy started his term in presidential office he had an idea of the New Frontier and which will change the way that the present administration, at the time, operated in Washington. While the Eisenhower’s administration concentrated heavily on the Cold War, and other issues that was the key issues for the American people at the time. Kennedy wanted to change all things that was associated with the Cold War for one, because he believed that a stronger relationship between America
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Unformatted text preview: and Russia can be built. Another one of his ideas was to shape the White House cabinet personnel in the form as they were still in Camelot. This was seen in the way of playing football on the lawn of the White House as they did it with jousting with the iin the days of Camelot. Kennedy did not have a broad vision for his New Frontier, but will start to fix each problem one problem at a time....
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