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Axia College Material Appendix E Hindu Terms Map Word What is your personal understanding of each of these terms? After reading the text, how would you redefine each of them? What differences did you find between the popular usage and actual definitions? Karma What goes around comes around. The idea that your actions will be returned on you in the manner in which you acted. Good deeds bring good fortune, and bad deeds return misfortune. I would add that it is not just actions but also positive or negative thoughts as well. This term has seemed to be used correctly in most of the references I have ever heard. Reincarnatio n The idea that a person comes back after death as another form. I did not understand the concept of an end to the process of rebirth through the merging of absolute reality Most people know this as a
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Unformatted text preview: rebirth process, but do not grasp the ultimate goal. Yoga A form of exercise and meditation. I was amazed at the different forms of yoga, and of it’s true intended purposes. I always thought it was more of a meditative exercise. Most people just see it as I did, a form of meditation or exercise. Guru A master of a specific skill. I always thought that a guru was like a priest. I was not aware that they are people The term has lost its true meaning through its popular reference to a person of HUM 130 who have followers drawn to them. high stature. Chakras Places on your body that are centers of energy. I did not understand that the Chakras were a system of points that are used in yoga practices. This is a term that I feel is very misunderstood for pleasure points on the body. HUM 130...
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hum_130_appendix_e[1] - rebirth process but do not grasp...

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