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Axia College Material Appendix D Troubleshooting Computer Hardware In this worksheet, you must identify solutions to four separate computer printer problems. For each solution, you must prepare an answer of at least 150 -words within the Answer boxes. Part One: Wireless Printing Problem The computer will not connect to the printer wirelessly. Details Julie has just purchased a Canon ® Pixma iP6220D inkjet printer for her house. She connected it to her laptop computer using her USB cable and it works fine; however, Julie regularly uses her laptop in different locations throughout the house, so using a USB cable for printing is not an option. She tried sending a document to the printer wirelessly, but it did not work. Questions 1) What type of wireless technology does the printer use? What optional part(s) do you need for the printer to make it work wirelessly? 2) Julie’s notebook does not support Bluetooth. Suggest a device that she can purchase that will use a USB port and allow her to connect to her printer wirelessly. Hint: Use the Web to find answers and solutions to these questions. Answer IT286
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After a brief review of both the Manufactures website as well as reading reviews on Cnet this printer appears to have no networking capabilities, other than the traditional USB cable connection. The easiest way to get the printer up and running would be through the use of a wireless print server. Pretty much every major modem or router company makes one. For Julie I would recommend the Linksys Wireless-G Print Server With Multifunction Printer Support WPSM54G Print server. This would be a quick and economical way to fix the problem if Julie already has a wireless network in place. Since she has the freedom to roam her house and use her laptop in different places I would assume that she has the proper modem/router setup that would be typical with DSL or Cable internet users at the home level. The device can be obtained online for under sixty dollars which makes this cheaper and less of a hassle than replacing the existing printer
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it286r2_wk6_appendix_d - Axia College Material Appendix D...

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