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Nutrition exam #1-units1-3

Nutrition exam #1-units1-3 - DEA 0132 Dental Nutrition...

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DEA 0132 Dental Nutrition Examination #1 Units 1-3 1. The manner in which the body utilizes the nutrients contained in foods which are eaten describes: a. metabolism b. nutrition c. diet d. catabolism e. anabolism 2. The food that is taken into the mouth is the: a. diet b. calories c. nutrients d. none of the above 3. The factors that influence nutrition and the dental health are: a. A diet of sugars that provide energy source for bacteria in plaque b. Having unprotected teeth that are susceptible to decay c. The presence of bacterial plaque in the mouth d. a and b e. a, b, and c 4. Any disorder of nutrition or undesirable health status that is due to either a lack of or an excess of nutrient supply is referred to as: a. basa; metabolism b. undernutrition c. overnutrition d. Malnutrition 5. In the American culture, a common and serious problem related to nutritional factors, is a. overnutrition which results in obesity b. undernutrition which results in medical diseases c. adequate diet which eliminates malnutrition condition 6. The nutritional role of the educator in the dental office is limited to assisting the patient in controlling the amounts of simple sugars consumed in their diet. a. True b. False 7. The best clinical term used to describe an accumulation of excessive fat in the body which results in body weight beyond the limitations of skeletal and physical requirements is called: a. malnutrition b. obesity c. overweight d. fat 8. The state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity is the World Health Organization definition of: a. Lifestyle b. Preventive care c. Health
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9. As an nutritional and dental educator, one can always be assured of 100% success in changing the lifestyle or dental habits of patients. a. True b. False 10. Fluoride is a: a. nutrient b. medication used in preventive dentistry c. factor in the increase in caries rates d. none of the above 11. The process by which foods are broken down into their nutrients describes: a. metabolism b. digestion c. absorption d. peristalsis 12. The process of taking nutrients into the circulation system so the cells can use them is: a. metabolism b. nutrition c. absorption d. catabolism 13. All of the chemical changes that determine the body’s final use of nutrients is the process of: a. metabolism b. absorption c. anabolism d. digestion 14. Chewing food, the churning action of the stomach, and peristalsis all are a part of the:
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Nutrition exam #1-units1-3 - DEA 0132 Dental Nutrition...

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