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Nutrition Exam #2 units4-5blackboard - 1 The primary source...

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1. The primary source of fuel for 2/3’s of the body’s total energy needs come from: *a. carbohydrates b. fats c. vitamins d. proteins e. minerals 2. The simplest form of a carbohydrate is a: *a. monosaccharide b. polysaccharide c. disaccharide d. maltose 3. Carbohydrates come from the: a. plant sources *b. animal sources 4. The nutrient group from which we receive the primary sources of dietary fiber is: a. proteins b. fats *c. carbohydrates d. minerals e. vitamins 5. A high level of acid in the blood, which results when there are not enough carbohydrates present to completely burn the fats in the diet, is: a. Ketosis *b. Acidosis c. Diabetes d. Pellagra 6. Identify the form of sugar that is commonly known as table sugar: a. glucose b. dextrose *c. sucrose d. maltose e. cellulose 7. The blood sugar that fuels the brain and body for function is called: *a. glucose b. sucrose c. maltose d. lactose 8. If one skips meals and the blood level of glucose becomes depleted, the body can break this down and convert it into glucose:
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a. cellulose *b. glycogen c. sucrose d. maltose 9. What is the recommendation for the daily amount of dietary fiber? a. 10-20 grams *b. 25-35 grams c. 35-45 grams d. none of the above 10. Fructose is what type of carbohydrate? *a. Monosaccharide b. Disaccharide c. Polysaccharide 11. The primary function of the carbohydrate group is to : a. provide for body building and repair b. create a balance between the extra and intracellular fluids *c. provide a source for energy needs d. aid in the digestive process 12. What type of carbohydrates are raw vegetables? a. refined carbs *b. complex carbs 13. What type of carbohydrates are bread, cookies, and cake? a. complex *b. refined c. enriched naturals 14. Starch, glycogen, and cellulose are examples of which class of carbohydrates? a.
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Nutrition Exam #2 units4-5blackboard - 1 The primary source...

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