Study Guide for Exam #2

Study Guide for Exam #2 - 12 Differentiate between epidemic...

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Study Guide for Exam 2 Intro to Microbiology DEA 1135 1. Be able to list the factors necessary for an infection to occur 2. Know a significant factor necessary for an infection to begin. 3. Be able to differentiate between chronic, acute, local and systemic diseases. 4. Define infection 5. Differentiate between resident and transient microorganisms 6. Be able to describe symptoms of inflammation 7. Know the various stages of disease: Incubation, latent period, resolution stage, prodromal stage, convalescence 8. Know the periods/stages that a person is infectious(can transmit disease) 9. Define carrier 10. Know what epidemiology is 11. Differentiate between mortality and morbidity
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Unformatted text preview: 12. Differentiate between epidemic, pandemic, endemic and sporadic 13. Be able to describe and give examples of vehicle born, insect carrier, airborne and direct disease transmission. 14. Know the first, second and third line of defense of the immune system 15. Know the difference between acquired immunity and natural immunity 16. Know the three characteristics of the acquired immune response 17. Know what categories immunoglobulins are classified into 18. Know what autoimmune disorder refers to 19. Know the difference between anaphylaxis, allergy and hypersensitivity 20. Know the warning signs of anaphylaxis....
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Study Guide for Exam #2 - 12 Differentiate between epidemic...

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