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Micro lesson 1 Stu notes

Micro lesson 1 Stu notes - DEA 1135 Introduction to...

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DEA 1135 Introduction to Microbiology Lesson 1: Introduction, history and definitions Microbiology These life forms are called microorganisms or _________. They are so tiny that they can be seen and examined only through a microscope. The modern science of microbiology began about one hundred years ago. The word microbiology is derived from the Greek micros , meaning _______ , bios , meaning life, and logy , meaning the study of. The scientific method : is the method of systematic study involving the rational organization of scientific information. was largely responsible for the development of the science of microbiology. (The development of microbiology was associated primarily with improving the health of the human population and reducing the ravages of ___________ ___________). It’s only been in the past 75 to 100 years that many of our infectious diseases have been brought under control. _____________ classics such as smallpox, typhus, cholera and plague were responsible for wiping out as much as one-fourth of the population of a small country.
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Before 1900, childhood infections would kill as many as ____-_____of the children born. Today the number of persons dying from infectious diseases is only a small portion of what it was in earlier times. Developments that led to the control of many devastating human microbial diseases represent some of the great triumphs of modern technology. However, many infectious diseases are still not effectively controlled. As social and physical living conditions change, new patterns of older diseases, as well as, entirely new diseases develop. Van Leeuwenhoek
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Micro lesson 1 Stu notes - DEA 1135 Introduction to...

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