BIO1100 Term 1,2011 Syllabus

BIO1100 Term 1,2011 Syllabus - TROY UNIVERSITY eCAMPUS BIO...

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TROY UNIVERSITY eCAMPUS BIO 1100 XTIJ Principals of Biology COURSE SYLLABUS Term 1, 2011 August 15, 2011 – October 15, 2011 For course syllabus posted prior to the beginning of the term, the instructor reserves the right to make minor changes prior to or during the term. The instructor will notify students, via e-mail or Blackboard announcement, when changes are made in the requirements and/or grading of the course. PROCTORED EXAM : This course includes one proctored exam. The dates of this proctored exam are Thursday, September 8, 2011 (Week 4) thru Wednesday, September 14, 2011 (Week 5) . You are responsible for finding a proctor for this exam and submitting the online proctor form by the day before the exam opens. The proctor form will be available beginning with the second week of the course, and you are encouraged to start preparing immediately. Please visit the “Tech/Proctor Info” button in this course shell for all the information you need. INSTRUCTOR INFORMATION Chester R. Figiel, Jr., Ph.D. 125 South Smith Road LaGrange, GA 30241 Email: [email protected] INSTRUCTOR EDUCATION Ph.D. Department of Biology, University of Mississippi, 1995 M.S. Department of Biology, University of Memphis, 1990 B. S. Department of Biology, Memphis State University, 1987 B. S. Department of Engineering/Technology, Memphis State University, 1979 I'm available by email any time and will response within 24 hours on week days and within 48 hours on weekends. If you need to talk by phone, email me and we will set up a time. I'm also happy to meet with you in the chat room in Blackboard if you set an appointment with me. Students: Please put course title in the subject line of any emails sent to the instructor. I will not open emails from accounts other than addresses. – Note that students should always check email through Blackboard class site as well as their accounts. In the Tools area, click Communication, and then click Messages. Troy instructors are required to respond to student messages in 24 to 48 hours. See "Student/Faculty Interaction" below. PREREQUISITES: None ENTRANCE COMPETENCIES: Student must possess the knowledge and skills of a high school graduate and the capability to perform on a college level. Computer literacy is also required to successfully complete
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BIO1100 – Syllabus update 8-22-09 Figiel this online course. Professors do not have time to educate students in the use of computers or software. You must send me an email by midnight , August 23, 2011 stating “I have read the syllabus, course expectations and course schedule for BIO 1100 and understand the requirements for this course. Additionally, I verify that I am an undergraduate student in good standing at TROY University.” Failure to do so will result in a 5-point deduction from your score on the midterm exam. STUDENT EXPECTATION STATEMENT:
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This note was uploaded on 08/20/2011 for the course BIO 1100 taught by Professor Woods during the Fall '07 term at Troy.

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BIO1100 Term 1,2011 Syllabus - TROY UNIVERSITY eCAMPUS BIO...

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