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PHI2204 BB Assignments - Assignments 1 of 2

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EARMY Ethics PHI-2204-ZA1 11/T1 (Garlikov) Assignments Assignments Reading Assignment for Weeks 1 and 2 Attached Files: Please read my "Introduction to Ethics" (attached link). It is from two chapters of a book of mine, labeled chapters 25 and chapter 26. Many of you may want to begin with chapter 26, which is roughly about halfway through the work in the link. Chapter 25 talks "about" the subject of ethics and involves questions such as whether ethics is subjective or objective, who is to say what is right or wrong and good or bad, whether religion is necessary for morality, what ethical terms such as good, bad, right, wrong, obligatory , etc. mean. Chapter 26 is about finding the actual principles that determine whether an act is right or wrong. Start with whichever of those chapters/subjects interests you most. Read it carefully and think about the ideas and examples in it while you read it. Try to understand the significance of the points in it, and perhaps come up with your own examples or counter-examples. Read at least one of the two chapters for week 1 and the other as soon as possible in week 2, if not before. When you read chapter 26, be sure you completely understand my "Ethical Principle" and all its components, and why they are part of it. It will be important for the entire course. I am assigning this because I think my introduction to ethics is clearer and more concise than others I have seen. And the material in it should help you be able to read and understand the book much more easily and efficiently, and help you with the specific topics in ethics we will cover in the course, though the application of general principles to specific topics also requires additional ideas and knowledge about life or about practical matters that does not appear automatically or that does not just involve moral philosophy. The proctored exam in week 4 will cover the material in both chapters of this material along with the material in the announcements for the course (see the "Announcements") section in the blue tabs to the left. Be sure to begin now to arrange for your proctor. Also, go to the Discussion Board and answer the Discussion Questions for the week.
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PHI2204 BB Assignments - Assignments 1 of 2

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