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EARMY Ethics PHI-2204-ZA1 11/T1 (Garlikov) Start Here Start Here Welcome to Philosophy 2204: Ethics and the Modern World Attached Files: Welcome to the introductory ethics course, philosophy 2204, "Ethics and the Modern World". My name is Richard Garlikov, and I prefer just to be addressed as Rick. Each time you log in to the course, please go to the announcements page , and look for any new announcements you have not seen. Then either go to the assignments page for assignments that will be posted each week, or, if you have already done that for the week, go to the Discussion Board and continue in the discussion for the week. The Discussion Board Questions each week: Notice that the discussions are ongoing and you are responsible for reading all of the posts each week of all your classmates and all my responses to them. You have not completed your part of the discussion just because you post your initial answer. Also, notice that means if you give an answer that contradicts or disagrees with a classmate or with something I have said, you need to give reasons why you think you are right and they or I are wrong; you cannot just ignore what others say either before or after you have posted (unless they say something you have already addressed sufficiently which they are ignoring). Your initial answers on the discussion board questions will normally most likely be either incomplete or wrong, so you should answer early in the week and give yourself ample opportunity to address any questions or objections I have. The discussion board questions are all meant to be very thought-provoking and they are meant to show you that the common, conventional kinds of answers given to them are incorrect or inadequate. Many times students think I disagree with everything they say on the discussion board, which is often true, because what they say is incorrect or incomplete, not just because they have said it and I am only being contrary. The main problem with student answers is not necessarily that the conclusion is false but that the reasons given for it are faulty. So you have to not only get the right conclusions, but you have to have reasons that will hold up to scrutiny and that cannot already
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This note was uploaded on 08/20/2011 for the course PHI 2204 taught by Professor Garlikov during the Fall '11 term at Troy.

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PHI2204 BB Welcome - Start Here Page 1 of 3 EARMY Ethics...

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