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PHI 2204 PreviewTest - Preview Test Test on My Introduction...

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Preview Test: Test on My Introduction to Ethics Content Instructions Name Test on My Introduction to Ethics and on the course Announcements Description Test on the reading material assigned the first two weeks, which is the foundation for the entire course. This test may be submitted only once, but you may save your answers and return to the test as you go; you will have two hours total time to complete the test, which should give you sufficient time to look up things you may not be sure about, but have studied well. You should not take it until you have studied the course announcements and the reading assignment for the first two weeks thoroughly. That reading assignment is my Introduction to Ethics that I have posted online for you, from chapters 25 and 26 of a book of mine. The proctored test should be taken during the fourth week of the term. Answer all the questions. Notice that many questions have more than one right answer and you must get ALL the answers right to receive credit for the question. There is no partial credit. Multiple Attempts Not allowed. This Test can only be taken once. Question 1 1.
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being honest? Check all that apply. Answer A.Nothing is wrong with it. Honesty is the best policy, and everyone always acts in their own best interest anyway, even if they are pretending not to. B. You can't always be honest and do what you want to because others will think you are selfish, so you have to pretend not to be doing what you want to sometimes, in order to do it. C. Honesty may hurt someone else's feelings unnecessarily for no good purpose. D.What you want to do may violate someone else's rights not to be harmed, disrespected, or used, or may break an agreement you made. E. Nothing is wrong with it because when everyone acts in their own best interest that also maximizes the group's best results, as when each person works hard to make the most money s/he can, the economy flourishes the most and there are more goods and services available for all. 10 points Question 2 1. Ethics is subjective because different people and different cultures disagree about what is right. True False 10 points Question 3 1. Check all the following that correctly explain the relationship between ethics and religion. Answer
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PHI 2204 PreviewTest - Preview Test Test on My Introduction...

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