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SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS FACULTY OF ARTS AND SOCIAL SCIENCES ECOS3012 Strategic Behavior Semester 1, 2011 Unit Coordinator & Instructor: A/P Murali Agastya Email: [email protected] Office: Room 364, Merewether Building Consultation times: 3 – 4 p.m. Tuesdays or by appointment. Class times: 2 – 5 p.m. Wednesdays Venue: Room 159, Carslaw Building ONLINE TUTOR: DETAILS TO BE PROVIDED SOON 1. Unit of study information 1.1. School handbook description To think and act strategically, one needs to evaluate the effect of one's actions on the actions of others. As most economic decisions are strategic, such as the decision to lower a price or introduce a new tax, economics, if it is to avoid simplistic models, requires a theoretical framework capable of illuminating strategic behaviour. This unit offers a comprehensive, critical introduction to the theory which purports, not only to satisfy this theoretical need, but also potentially to unify the social sciences: game theory. After examining important concepts of game theory, the unit investigates the repercussions for the theory of bargaining and for the evolution of social institutions. 1.2. Pre-requisite units (and Prohibitions) Pre-requisites: ECOS2001 or ECON2001 or ECOS2901 or ECON2901. Prohibition: You cannot take this course if enrolled in ECOS3901. 1.3. Assumed knowledge or skills I will assume that you have a willingness to engage in logical thought. The mathematical requirements are not much beyond the reach of a good High School graduate -- familiarity with basic mathematics, ability to follow mathematical notation and a working knowledge of (very) basic calculus will be assumed. Even though I will remind you of the mathematical concepts in class as the occasion demands, do not expect to be spoon- fed. The above are of course in addition to the knowledge assumed for pre-requisite courses. 1.4. Learning situation and assessment overview
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ECOS 3012 Strategic Behavior Page 2 It is a traditional “chalk and talk” kind of course where I lecture and you listen and learn. Each week, we will meet roughly for 2.5 hours. About two hours will be spent on “new” material and half an hour to forty minutes will be treated as a tutorial. This is consistent with the requirement that the course at this level has a one hour tutorial every alternate week in addition to a two hour weekly lecture. The actual learning for the kind of material we cover, I believe, comes from solving as many problems as possible. After each lecture I will upload an assignment sheet for you to solve. These are not for credit – you do not need to submit them. I will solve (some) of the assignment problems in class the following week. Regularly working through the problems should prepare you well for the exam.
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ECOS3012_Strategic behavior_UOS_2011(1) - SCHOOL OF...

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