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Ecos3012 Strategic Behavior Midterm Exam Details, Semester 1, 2011 Admin details Time 6:20 p.m. Date 4 May Location Wallace Theatre Duration 2 hours Format Section 1: 20 MCQ, worth 60 points in total Section 2: Two Problems worth 40 in total Weighting Your score in this exam is worth 35% of final mark. Preparation Advice Work through lecture notes/slides and your class notes. (Below is a list of keywords). Work through the assignments and quizzes. We did not faithfully follow the text book, but here is the list of chapter headings where you will also find relevant material from Watson’s text: Beliefs, Mixed strategies and Expected Utility; Dominance and Best Response; Ra- tionalizability and Itereated Dominance; Congruous strategies and Nash equilibrium, Mixed Strategy and Nash equilibrium; Bargaining Problems. Keywords Here is list of keywords/glossary/topics covered that can guide you in your prepa- ration for the upcoming midterm exam. Remember, you are responsible for everything that we
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