Political Science Assignment 2

Political Science Assignment 2 - 1 Running head: THE WAR ON...

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1 Running head: THE WAR ON DRUGS The War on Drugs Allison Roberts Strayer University Political Science, 300 Professor Flowers May 25, 2011
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2 According to Fryer, (1993) “U.S. citizens and government officials have been concerned about illicit drug consumption for many years; the United States did not begin focusing significant attention on the problem until the late 1960s. The sharp increase in illicit drug use in the United States during the decade prompted the government to adopt a policy that has remained relatively consistent for over twenty years”. The article goes on to say that “the United States views the drug problem as fundamentally beginning with the drug producing nations. It also reveals that the policy "costs" of such programs are measured relative to the United States, and unfortunately have not historically included the high costs borne by Latin American countries for these efforts”. While any approach to drugs requires funding, there is a huge opportunity cost from this scale of expenditure on a policy that is not even delivering its intended goals. When most United States citizens hear about drugs in our country we get outraged instantly. This should not be the way of the world, in my opinion. Sadly, it’s the world that we live in. Drugs can harm people in more ways than one and it’s steady being made, brought, and sold to kids as well as adults. “North America is addicted to illegal drugs, most of them from south of its border. Marijuana, cocaine, and heroin flow in from the south in ever-shifting
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Political Science Assignment 2 - 1 Running head: THE WAR ON...

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