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homework 4 1) Read Chapter 4 (all sections) and Chapter 5 (Section 5.7 only). 2) Do Chapter 4 textbook problem #3 (parts a,b,c,d,e) on pages 198-200. 3) Do Chapter 4 textbook problem #5 (parts b,c only) on page 200. 4) Do Chapter 4 textbook problem #7 (parts b,c,d,e only) on page 201. The instructions in the book are somewhat unclear for this one. The following should help clarify these. Ignore "Build a two-level decision tree" in the first part of the problem. In part b, just find the optimal split for each of the 2 nodes resulting from the optimal split we found in class for part a. For part d they want you to use attribute C as the first split in the tree (instead of the best split we found in class) and then choose the best split for each of the two child nodes. You should see that the resulting tree actually gives a lower misclassification error than the greedy tree. 5) The file http://sites.google.com/site/stats202/data/rpart_text_example.txt gives an example of text output for a tree fit using the rpart() function in R from the
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