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York University Atkinson College School of Administrative Studies Mid- Term Examination Hazlon (Haze) Schepmyer Fall 2002 Monday October 28 th , 2002 7:00 P.M - 9:30 P.M. AK/ADMS 1000 3.0 Section B Instructions: 1. This exam is worth 50% of the final grade 2. It is an open-book, 2.5 hour exam 3. This exam contains one case study (worth 60 marks in total) and 2 essay questions (worth 20 marks each) 4. The entire exam is worth 100 marks 5. Write or print clearly in the booklet(s) provided using only pen 6. Upon completion, students MUST submit all exam booklet(s) and the question sheets. On each exam booklet that you submit, you must print the following: a. Your name, b. your student number, c. your instructor's name, d. your course section and e. the total number of booklets submitted Good Luck!
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How one businessman learned from his fellow franchisees. From, Monday, October 21st, 2002 (Modified and shortened for the purposes of this examination) Duane Ophus may own one of the top 10 Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE) franchises in Canada, but he credits much of his success to his fellow franchisees. He is a big fan of the company's franchisee advisory council, a group of seven MBE operators that, in his words, has some "very frank" discussions about what's happening on the front line. "Our success depends on a very up-front and strong dialogue," Ophus says. "It's a three-way street really -- different franchisees exchanging information with each other, but also with the home office people." The advisory council, he adds, has made a big difference to his business -- and to those of other franchisees. Among his most memorable experiences during his two years on MBE Canada's advisory council was seeing an idea he and his staff lobbied hard for become reality. The idea -- expand the almost-standard franchise service menu of photocopying, packing and mailing services with customized, quick business-card production using sophisticated Xerox equipment. "We've been in business for seven years, but we're in a very small town," Ophus says from his franchise in Westbank, B.C., a community of 15,000 in the heart of the Okanagan Valley. "So we knew right from the start we'd have to do things that
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ADMS1000F.MT02 - York University Atkinson College School of...

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