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ADMS2400F.FL94 - relevant course content Answer each...

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1 YORK UNIVERSITY ATKINSON COLLEGE DEPARTMENT OF ADM1NISTRATIVE STUDIES FINAL EXAMINATION FALL, 1994 AK/ADMS 2400.03 - All Sections INTRODUCTION TO ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR Tuesday, December 20, 1994 Course Director: Tutorial Assistants: Randy Hoffman Paul Nolis Diane Jurkowski Preston Pieters ______________________________________________________________________________ Weighting of Final Results: Term Work . ............................... 40% Final Examination . .................... 60% Time Allowed: 3 hours OPEN BOOK EXAM ______________________________________________________________________________ INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Answer the question for one of the cases (I or II) from Part A AND answer the question from Part B. Part A and Part B are equally weighted. 2. Your answers will principally be graded according to the correct and visible use of
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Unformatted text preview: relevant course content. Answer each question separately and directly without an introduction or separate conclusion. No special case format is required. Point form (where points consist of full sentences) is acceptable where its use, in part, assists you in formulating an answer to the question. 2 PART A Answer Case I, Zimmer Engineering, or Case II, Easy Money "B" Case I - ZIMMER ENGINEERING Assuming that Howard Pearson's plan is adopted, what interpersonal communication and motivational advantages and disadvantages are likely to occur? Case II - EASY MONEY “B” What changes would be required in the operation of the Department to improve the ratings on items 2, 3, 4 and 5 on the survey? PART B REDUCED HOURS Answer questions 1, 4(a) and (b) on page 176....
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ADMS2400F.FL94 - relevant course content Answer each...

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