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AK/ADMS 2400.03 SUMMER 1997 FINAL EXAMINATION PART A Answer Case I, Zimmer Engineering, or Case II, Victory Fashions. Case I: Zimmer Engineering, p. 196 in the Casebook. Bernard Zimmer said he did not favour Pearson's plan. Instead, he wished to set up a project-centered structure where both he and Will Browning would hold the position of Vice-President, Engineering, and each would have control over the staff for his own project. Bernard thought that he might have less projects under his control during times when he is busy at the farm. Otherwise the structure of the firm would remain unchanged. 1) Do you agree or disagree with Bernard's Plan? (Give complete reasons.) 2) What would be the most likely results of such a change on the performance of the firm and the motivation of employees and management?
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Unformatted text preview: Case II: Victory Fashions, p. 187 Casebook Cleary, Deacon and Kesper have suggested that, to avoid the possibility of deadlock, they retain the services of an experienced consultant to make a final decision when the partners don't agree. 1) Should Phil accept this plan? 2) Do you think it could work for the firm? (Explain fully.) Part B Answer the following question. The Hiring Process p. 104 Casebook. Write a note to Jennifer Logan-Smith from the Staffing Officer explaining why procedures must be followed. Your note should try to build, not destroy the relationship between these two people. Give full reasons why your note will improve their relationship. How would you follow-up the note if you did not get an answer within a few days?...
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