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ADMS2400W.FL93 - examination invigilator 2 AK ADMS 2400.03...

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1 ATKINSON COLLEGE DEPARTMENT OF ADMINISTRATIVE STUDIES FINAL EXAMINATION WINTER 1993 AK/ADMS 2400.03 - All sections INTRODUCTION TO ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR Wednesday April 7, 1993 7:00 - 10:00 p.m. Course Directors: Section M - K. McBey Section N - K. McBey Weighting of Final Results: Term Work 40% Final Examination 60% Time Allowed: 3 hours OPEN BOOK EXAM INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Answer the question(s) for one of the cases (I or II) from Part A AND answer the question from Part B. 2. Your answers will principally be graded according to the correct and visible use of relevant course content . Answer each question separately and directly without an introduction or separate conclusion. No special format is required. Point form (where points consist of full sentences) is acceptable where its use, in part, assists you in formulating an answer to the question. 3. If you are writing a deferred exam, please identify yourself to the instructor or the
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Unformatted text preview: examination invigilator. 2 AK/ ADMS 2400.03 FINAL EXAMINATION WINTER 1993 PART A Answer Case I on Action Realty or Case II on Dimitri's Baked Goods CASE I - Action Realty (p. 11 Casebook) 1. In what way would the structure of the company hinder performance? In what way would it help performance? 2. Suggest an optimal structure to deal with a volatile market and competitive situation. CASE II - Expansion at Dimitri's Baked Goods (p. 64 Casebook) 1. Design enriched job descriptions for Dimitri's children that you feel Dimitri could live with. Outline changes in organizational structure, communication channels, authority and responsibilities associated with these jobs. 2. Will these changes allow the company to perform better? Why? PART B Ridgeway Furniture (p. 150 Casebook) Answer question 5 on page 153 in detail, giving full reasons for all your recommendations....
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