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Module 2: The Research Process Overview In this module, you will see an overview of the eight steps involved in the research process. You will also take an in-depth look at the first two steps: (1) selecting a topic and (2) formulating a research question. Objectives After completing this module, you should be able to: list the steps involved in the research process choose a topic for research develop a research question Commentary Topics Overview of the Research Process Selecting a Topic Formulating a Research Question Overview of the Research Process To be a successful researcher, whether for personal, academic, or professional reasons, it helps to think of research as a process. There are steps to follow that can help you to more effectively approach your research and build on the foundation you created as an undergraduate. As a graduate student, you probably already have a procedure that has worked for you in the past. By incorporating all of the following steps you will further hone your research skills, enabling you to conduct graduate level research. Remember, research is not linear. You will frequently need to modify your direction based on what you learn as you gather information. The basic steps in the research process are: selecting a topic 1. formulating a research question 2. identifying the main ideas and related terms 3. identifying the information you will need and selecting the appropriate research tools 4. locating and retrieving materials 5. determining the relevancy of materials 6. taking notes or highlighting information and organizing it 7. writing the paper 8. Page 1 of 6 Module 2 Commentary 5/25/2011 ..
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In this course, we will discuss steps 1-6 as well as aspects of citing your sources, which is part of step 8. In this module, we will cover steps 1 and 2. Return to Topics list Selecting a Topic In academic research, you are often given an assignment or some guidelines to follow when identifying a topic. Some instructors assign a specific topic, or they will ask you to select a topic that interests you. If you are asked to choose your own topic, begin by gathering background information on a topic that interests you. Once you have a topic, you must narrow the focus and formulate a research question that is more focused than a general assignment so that you can reasonably investigate the question and come to a conclusion within the length of the paper assigned. Return to Topics list
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Module 2 - Module 2 Commentary Page 1 of 6 Module 2: The...

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