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Module 4: UMUC Library Resources for Research: Part 1 Overview In this module, you will see an overview of the resources available through the library’s subscription databases. You will learn how to select and search library databases, and view and retrieve articles on your research topic. In addition, this module provides an understanding of how to better evaluate materials you will include in your research. Evaluation of the sources you locate is necessary regardless of where they are originally found. Although the materials you find in the library databases are generally more credible than what you find on the free Web, this does not necessarily mean they are appropriate for your research. Library databases contain scholarly articles but they may also contain articles from professional and popular sources and brief reviews that may not be the best material for a research paper. As you do your research or filter through the materials you locate for use in your projects and papers, it is essential to subject everything you find to a rigorous evaluation process. Objectives After completing this module, you should be able to: select databases appropriate to a specific research question use effective search strategies to locate high-quality information within the UMUC library databases determine whether the library owns particular items locate and retrieve information not owned by the UMUC library critically analyze research materials using established criteria cite journal articles in proper APA citation style Commentary Topics Locating and Retrieving Articles Using UMUC's Library Databases Selecting Databases Searching the Databases Viewing and Retrieving Articles Evaluating What You Find Citing Journal Articles in APA Citation Style Page 1 of 15 Module 4 Commentary 5/26/2011 http://tychousa3.umuc.edu/UCSP611/1102/Modules/M4-Module_4/S1-Commentary.html?...
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Locating and Retrieving Articles Using UMUC's Library Databases Getting Started Once you have formulated a good research question and developed a search strategy, the next step is to find articles, books, and other resources on your topic. Although some journal databases are freely available on the Web, for graduate-level research, the best place to locate scholarly/peer-reviewed articles is through the subscription or proprietary UMUC library databases. What Are Databases? Databases are “an organized collection of information, data, or citations stored in electronic format that can be searched for specific information or records by techniques specific to each database” (http://www.peabody.jhu.edu/1437). The UMUC library databases can be searched in a variety of ways including by keyword, subject, author, article title, journal title, abstract, or full text of the article (if the database includes the full text).
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