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Module 5: UMUC Library Resources for Research: Part 2 Overview An overview of resources for locating and retrieving books available through UMUC's Information and Library Services is presented in this module. In addition, methods for selecting appropriate resources to locate books as well as ways of viewing and retrieving books on your topic are discussed. Previous criteria for evaluating resources by providing an additional criterion for evaluating books is expanded here and review examples of APA citations for books and book chapters are included. Objectives After completing this module, you should be able to: select appropriate resources for finding books on a specific topic find books electronically and in print determine whether the UMUC library owns a particular book locate and retrieve books both within and outside of the USM libraries cite books and book chapters in APA style Commentary Please view the video below for an introduction to this module. Watch Video Why Do I Need Books? Read the video transcript Topics Locating and Retrieving Books Evaluating Books Citing Books in APA Citation Style Locating and Retrieving Books Module 4 discussed using the library databases to find articles for your research. At times, some of the materials you need to write a research paper or complete a project are found only in a book. Page 1 of 11 Module 5 Commentary 5/26/2011 ..
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There may be times when books and journals needed for your research are not available online and you will need to visit a physical library or use DocumentExpress to obtain these resources. The UMUC library provides online access to books through its subscription to NetLibrary as well as those books and book chapters included in some of the library databases. Please review below the information on books from table 1.2, Common Research Sources and Tools. Table 5.1 Common Research Sources and Tools: Books Source Pros and Cons Good Source for Research Tools Books + Most go through editing process so information is more likely to be reliable. + Extensive, in- depth discussion of topic. - Lengthy publishing process means information may be out of date. - More likely than other sources to be available only in print format. Overview or background information In-depth research Use a library catalog to locate and request books. The USMAI (University System of Maryland and affiliated institutions) catalog is available on the UMUC Information and Library Services (ILS) Web site . Some books are available electronically. See the library's E-book Collections Web page . Print Books Library Catalogs Library catalogs contain information about items the library owns. Each item—book, journal, videotape, government document, or other resource—has a record in the library catalog. This record contains information about that resource, including the title, author, subject, location, and call number, similar to the records and fields discussed in module 4 when learning about
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Module 5 - Module 5 Commentary Page 1 of 11 Module 5 UMUC...

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