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Module 6: Using the Web for Academic Research Overview In this module, you will learn how to use the Web for academic, scholarly, or professional research. Although many of you may believe, and probably justifiably so, that you are already proficient in Web searching, this module will help you to further hone these searching skills, provide a better understanding of what is and is not available via the Web, and offer assistance in evaluating and citing Web-based resources. Objectives After completing this module, you should be able to: list and describe different types of Web search tools choose appropriate Web search tools for academic or professional research define Web relevancy ranking critically evaluate Web sites cite Web sites and Web pages in APA citation style Commentary Topics Web Search Tools Suggested Web Resources Evaluating Web Sites Citing Web Sources in APA Citation Style Web Search Tools Understanding Search Tools A Web search tool is a search engine or search program that scans a portion of the contents of the Web, looking for keywords the user has chosen. Many different Web search tools index large numbers of Web sites and allow you to search their listings in a variety of ways. These tools are essential for finding information on the Web, but it is important to remember that most of them do not provide critical reviews of the sites they contain. This fact increases the probability of unverifiable and invalid sites being listed. Finding a Web site with a respected search tool does not guarantee the authenticity or relevance of the site. You must evaluate each Web site individually regardless of the way you found it. Many Web search tools are available, but just as the Web is volatile, so are the tools used to search it. In the last several years, many of the major Web search tools have changed names, been bought by other companies, or disappeared altogether. Page 1 of 13 Module 6 Commentary 5/26/2011 ..
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Several Web sites report on the various Web search tools, monitoring their size, performance, and stability. One such site is Search Engine Watch . These types of sites will keep you up to date on the latest news in Web search engines and provide tips and information on searching the Web. Please review the information on Web pages below from table 6.1, Common Research Sources and Tools: Web Pages. Table 6.1 Common Research Sources and Tools: Web Pages Source Pros and Cons Good Source for Research Tools Web Pages + Convenient to access. +/ - Some provide very up-to -date information; others are out of date. +/ - Search tools typically are better at locating factual information than concepts. - May be unreliable
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Module 6 - Module 6 Commentary Page 1 of 13 Module 6 Using...

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