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Searching: Business Source Complete Choose Databases » Suggest Subject Terms Basic Search Advanced Search Visual Search Search History Search Clear The role of IT/IS in combating fraud in the payment card industry. in Select a Field (optional) AND in Select a Field (optional) AND in Select a Field (optional) Add Row Authors: Source: Document Type: Subject Terms: Geographic Terms: Author- Supplied Keywords: NAICS/Industry Codes : The Role of IT / IS in Combating Fraud in the Payment Card Industry . Devos, Jan Pipan, Igor ; Dec2009, Vol. 14 Issue 3, Special Section p1-17, 17p, 1 Diagram, 6 Charts Article * CREDIT cards * BANK fraud * BANKING industry * INTERNET banking * ELECTRONIC funds transfers * ELECTRONIC commerce MACEDONIA Case Study Fraud IT/IS Payment Card Industry 522110 Commercial Banking 522210 Credit Card Issuing 522320 Financial Transactions Processing, Reserve, and Clearinghouse Activities 1 2 University of Maryland University College Library Page 1 of 20 EBSCOhost: The Role of IT/IS in Combating Fraud in the Payment Card Industry 6/29/2011 ..
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Abstract: Author Affiliations: Full Text Word Count: 425110 Business to Business Electronic Markets 454111 Electronic Shopping The vast growth of the payment card industry (PCI) in the last 50 years has placed the industry in the centre of attention, not only because of this growth, but also because of the increase of fraudulent transactions. The conducted research in this domain has produced statistical reports on detection of fraud , and ways of protection. On the other hand, the relevant body of research is quite partial and covers only specific topics. For instance, the provided reports related to losses due to fraudulent usage of cards usually do not present the measures taken to combat fraud nor do they explain the way fraud happens. This can turn out to be confusing and makes one believe that card usage can be more negative than positive. This paper is intended to provide accumulative and organized information of the efforts made to protect businesses from fraud . We try to reveal the effectiveness and efficiency of the current fraud combating techniques and show that organized worldwide efforts are needed to take care of the larger part of the problem. The research questions that will be addressed in the paper are: 1) how can IT / IS help in combating fraud in the PCI?, and 2) is the implemented IT / IS effective and efficient enough to bring progress in combating fraud? Our research methodology is based on a case study conducted in a Macedonian bank. The research is explorative and will be mostly qualitative in nature; however some quantitative aspects will be included. The findings indicate that fraud can take up many forms. A classification of the different forms of data theft into different fraudulent appearances was made. We showed that
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Article 1 - EBSCOhost: The Role of IT/IS in Combating Fraud...

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