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Graduate School Basic Excel Skills Expectations UMUC students are expected to have a basic working knowledge of the Excel skills described in the following table. Students who have not developed these skills from prior work or educational experiences should set aside time at the beginning of this class schedule to study the tutorials and Excel references provided in class. Excel Skills You Should Know to Start Your Studies 1. Page Setup: Students can set margins, headers, footers, paper size, and orientation. 2. Text Editing: Students can select text (cells, blocks, columns, rows), cut or copy and paste, insert/delete rows and columns, move information, and select the print area to print. 3. Cell Formatting: Students can justify (left, right, centered), change cell size (width, height),
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Unformatted text preview: set cells for (bold, underline, commas), and set cells for (dollars, date, percent, decimal) 4. Using Formulas and Functions: Students can set up basic math formulas in cell columns and rows, understand how to copy and edit formulas based on concept of relative cells, can use the following functions: sum, average, standard deviation, present value, future value, net present value, payment, rate, internal rate of return, modified internal rate of return, depreciation (DB, DDB, SLN), and data sorting functions. 5. Basic Graphing: Students can choose appropriate graph, identify source data, label graph, title X & Y axes, adjust and format units, and present data table. 6. Storage and retrieval: Students can save, retrieve, email, and FTP or upload via online classroom spreadsheets....
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