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1 Business Models and Systems A store that I frequently go to is the Dollar General. I go to this store at least once a week. The Dollar General finds where they can get close out merchandise to purchase, that way they are able to sale it to us at a very low price. The Dollar General first started out selling nothing over a dollar. This wowed the world and this is how they became a fast growing business. They soon did have to come up on the price on some of their products, because of the demand for these products. By the time that this had to take place the customers were already happy with shopping at the Dollar General, so they was ok with the fact
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Unformatted text preview: that the price of some things went up. They also have the Dollar Tree and Family Dollar. You can find just about anything that you need in these three stores. They also have food they also have improved for the low income families that get the Ohio food card by accepting it. By doing this it has made a very big improvement of their profit, so that they are able to keep improving their stores for us each and every day. I love these stores and the products that they sale....
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