Hw1 - detailed enough to get you full points on the problem 2 Problem 1.2.4 3 Problem 1.2.8 4 Problem 1.2.10 Note(0 y 1(1 y 2 and(2 y 3 are points

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Math 215 HW #1 Due 5:00 PM Thursday, January 28 Reading: Sections 1.1–1.3 from Strang’s Linear Algebra and its Applications , 4 th edition. Reading and understanding the material from the textbook is an important part of the course, so please do not skip this step. Problems: Please follow the guidelines for collaboration detailed in the course syllabus. 1. Problem 1.2.3. There are solutions to this and other odd-numbered problems in the back of the book, which you are welcome to consult after you have made a concerted attempt to solve the problem. In other words, you can use the back of the book to check your answer or to try to get un-stuck, but not as the starting point of your problem-solving. Also, the solution in the back of the book essentially consists of unsupported true statements and is not nearly
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Unformatted text preview: detailed enough to get you full points on the problem. 2. Problem 1.2.4. 3. Problem 1.2.8. 4. Problem 1.2.10. Note (0 , y 1 ), (1 , y 2 ), and (2 , y 3 ) are points , not vectors . 5. Problem 1.2.22. The first sentence is the actual problem and the third sentence is a suggestion on how you might try to get a feel for what’s going on. The second and fourth sentences are essentially foreshadowing. 6. Problem 1.3.6. 7. Problem 1.3.12. 8. Problem 1.3.30. 9. Prove that it is impossible for a system of linear equations to have exactly two solutions. Two questions you might think about to get your thinking started: (i) if ( x 1 , y 1 , z 1 ) and ( x 2 , y 2 , z 2 ) are two solutions, what is another one? (ii) If 25 planes meet at 2 points, where else do they meet? 1...
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