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ANT 101 San Kinship System
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The San Kinship System Tara Jackson ANT 101 Instructor Goings Jul 11, 2011
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The San foragers reside in the Kalahari Desert in Africa. In foraging cultures the people live in mobile groups called Bands. Continuous movement and the sharing of food and water are part of what build strong kinship tie amongst the San people. I will explore the most common form reciprocity practiced within the San culture and present three examples of this kinship system and makes it work. According to our text generalized reciprocity is a form of exchange in which there is no expectation for the immediate return of an item in exchange for something else; in the long run, things are expected to even out. An items value does not calculated, and no one keeps exact track of the transactions (Nowark & Laird, 2010). This culture or band of people lives in a reciprocal economic system. Simply put they do not expect anything in return for helping others than “remember me in my time of need, another valid point
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